Midnight Serenades

Lately I’ve been going out so I won’t stay at home. I have successfully avoided my mom for 24 hours. It’s having that space and time apart that reminds me my mom is pretty cool, she annoys me, or maybe at this point everyone really annoys me.

Everyone thinks Danny is cute, but he’s just typical

Instead I choose vodka and Chaka Khan

I had a torta that night, dude never again. I woke up with the most annoying tummy ache ever. Doña Torta got me all types of fucked.

What a waste of nice underwear.

Ways I Hurt Myself to Hurt You

If you’ve ever noticed, which I doubt you have I carry post-its with me often. For the times I have spontaneous thought, mostly from the time you left me, it seemed to ease me. Sticking them in agendas and books, a few are in my locker, crumpled in the back corner, some piled upon one another buried beneath are pictures of us. Sometimes I think it’s best that I don’t look back at them, I tend to modify things so they can be/look/sound nicer but they’ll only lose their truth. I can fill walls with all the things you’ve guided me to feel. But you still won’t understand.

Noooooo, don’t. He only